Anita Jóri
Presentation on the Vilém Flusser Archive

The Vilém Flusser Archive is located at the Berlin University of the Arts. It holds and looks after the literary heritage of the cultural theorist and philosopher Vilém Flusser (1920-1991). The archive sees itself as an intersection of international research on Flusser and endeavours to enhance accessibility to the work of this influential thinker. It has several projects of its own, such as the event and publication series International Flusser Lectures and the editions of the Bochum Lectures from 1991. The archive seeks to promote and support international publications, scholarly and artistic work and events as well. This short and informative presentation will also discuss the Vilém Flusser Residency Programme, the Flusserian Philosophical Fridays and the connections with the Transmediale Festival in Berlin.

In 2010 Anita Jóri (HU/DE) graduated history and applied linguistics at Eötvös Loránd University (Hungary). She studied in Prague (Czech Republic) and Vilnius (Lithuania) as well. She is doing a PhD in applied linguistics at University of Pécs (Hungary), and writing her thesis about Electronic Music Terminology. Anita is a scientific assistant at the University of Pécs and an assistant at Vilém Flusser Archive.