Arne Hendriks (NL)
About The Incredible Shrinking Man

The Incredible Shrinking Man is a speculative research about the consequences of downsizing the human species to better fit the earth. It has been a long established trend for people to grow taller. As a direct result we need more energy, more food and more space. A 20% increase in height represents a 73% increase in our needs. We’re also reaching the limits of what can be considered to be healthy. Yet we take pride in the fact that we continue to grow taller.

What if we decided to turn this trend around? What if we use our increased knowledge of the complicated processes of human growth to instead become smaller and shrink mankind? As of now there are 7 billion people living on this planet, and the prediction is this number will have risen to 10 billion around the year 2050. If we shrink to 50 centimeters those 7 billion people only need about 2 to 5% of the resources we need now. Just imagine what this would mean for the environment, for the amount of space we have and for our sense of adventure. It’s time we listen more carefully to Richard Feynmann’s adagium: "There’s plenty of room at the bottom".

Arne Hendriks is a speculative researcher, artist and curator based in Amsterdam. His installations and investigations use disruptive techniques and models to ask fundamental questions about why things are the way they are, and how changing them would change society. Although Hendriks is almost a complete amateur in all the fields of research he enters his line of questioning, and his undeniable talent for ignoring practical limitations, challenges the position of the archetypical scientist who is less and less able to perform fundamental research. His projects include: The Incredible Shrinking Man, The Academy of Work, The Repair Manifesto, Hacking IKEA & The Instructables Restaurant.