Danja Vasiljev (RU / DE)
"Exploitation and re-examination of Network paradigms"

Throughout the last decade the Internet became a singular and unified information structure - all communication happens within one (address) space. This space is very hard to avoid - comfort of proprietary web services, email, voice-over-ip are injected into the core of contemporary living. Backboned via commercial and governmental channels (radio, cable) ever-distributed network of the Internet became a perfect panoptic structure.

Danja Vasiliev is a critical engineer working in the domain of computer networks and hardware. His research explores the venerabilities of today’s technology be it of a technical, ethical or socio-political kind. He considers the exploit to be the most desirable form of exposure. Danja's works were shown at numerous exhibition in Europe, Asia and South-America and recently received awards from Ars Electronica (2010, 2011) and Japan Media Arts Festival (2011). Danja Vasiliev was born in Saint-Petersburg, Russia and currently lives and works in Berlin, Germany.