A Eric Kluitenberg
Introduction: Inhabiting the complex techno-ecologies of everyday life

As citizens of post-industrial societies going about our regular practices of everyday life, we inhabit complex technological spheres of life that require an increasingly 'ecological' understanding of our relationship to technology. In analogy to the 'deep ecology' movement, philosopher David Rottenberg has suggested that the notion of 'deep technology' relates user and context in an ecological, symbiotic way. Similarly, the idea of 'inhabiting' technological ecologies emphasises our connectedness to our environment (material, natural, technological) and our dependence on the resources available in that environment (material, energetic, biological, cultural). Mastering these conditions is vital to our survival on this planet.

The Techno-Ecologies conference in Riga is part of much larger conversation about the interdependence between people, technology and ecology. This talk will situate the discussions during the coming two days in the context of this larger 'conversation', and suggest some of the key questions that we will attempt to explore, drawing on the ideas of such diverse thinkers as Felix Guatttari, Siegfried Zielinski, Bruno Latour, Klaus Theweleit, and others.

Eric Kluitenberg is an independent theorist, writer, educator, concept developer and policy advisor working at the intersection of culture, media, and technology. He has been head of the media and technology program of De Balie, Centre for Culture and Politics in Amsterdam 1999 - 2011. He taught theory of interactive media and technological culture for a variety of academic institutions, including the University of Amsterdam, the University of Professional Education of Amsterdam, Academy Minerva Postgraduate Studies in Groningen, and he was a scientific staff member of the Academy of Media Arts Cologne.
Recent publications include The Book of Imaginary Media (2006), Delusive Spaces (2008) and the theme issues of Open, Journal for Art and the Public Domain, "Hybrid Space" (2006), and "(Im)Mobility" (2011).
Next to an extensive series of festivals and public events he was project leader for the practice based research trajectory "The Living Archive" at De Balie (2004 - 2010) and currently is Editor in Chief of the Tactical Media Files - an on-line documentation resource for Tactical Media practices worldwide.