Gerard Rubio, Jordi Bari / blablabLab (ES)
Ecology for Precariousness

In this day and age, when the pace of society has pushed us into a herd behavior, pressured under the forces of mass consumption and relentlessly progressing into a global and natural crisis, a challenge to the production paradigm is emerging out of the socialization of technology.
blablabLab's economical and logistical precarity stands as an analogy of this emergence, pursuing a lifestyle of ecological efficiency trough crativity, by reusing and recycling materials and knowledge.

BlablabLAB is a structure for transdisciplinary collaboration. It imagines strategies and creates tools to make society face its complex reality (urban, technological, alienated, hyperconsumerist). It works without preset formats nor media and following an extropianist physolophy, approaching the knowledge generation, property and difusion of it, very close to the DIY principles.