Dr. Ilva Skulte (LV)
The book – a house, a dream, a tool: practices of reading in the environments of converging media.

The contemporary culture can be described throughout the convergence of its communication media on the basis of digital technologies. While in this context the importance of reading is growing and expanding, including new meanings in the concept of reading in accordance to the experiences in the new multimodal environments, the place of the book in our culture is often a matter of discussions, reflecting on the potential of survival of the common reading practices and environments along with – possibly – common discursive model of thinking. How do we form our personal attitude towards these processes and the book? What do we understand under the notion of a book and - what to do with it?
The paper will discuss the status of the book as a medium in the contemporary liquid/convergent culture, by tracing back its history and analysing reading as an act of resistance – a creative action of constituting meaning in the context of contemporary technological, social and mental environments.

Ilva Skulte is an associate professor at the Department of Communication Studies at the Faculty of Communication, Riga Stradins University. After receiving her Ph.D in philology she started working in the field of communication and media studies, by focusing on the specifics of different media and social life of texts in contemporary society.