Julian Oliver (NZ / DE)
From Media Art to Critical Engineering.

Over the past 15 years Julian has developed a diversity of works encompassing artistic and political video games, software art, sound installations and augmented reality platforms. More recently however his work has interrogated the implicit trust placed in the infrastructures of public space, its computers and networks. With this body of work as a base, Julian will outline the thematic trajectories that have led him to shift his practice from Media Art to that of 'Critical Engineering'.

Julian Oliver is a New Zealander and Critical Engineer based in Berlin. His projects and the occassional papers have been presented at many museums, international electronic-art events and conferences, including the Tate Modern, Transmediale, Ars Electronica, FILE and the Japan Media Arts Festival. Julian's work has received several awards, most notably the Golden Nica at Ars Electronica for 'Newstweek', a collaborative project with studio partner Danja Vasiliev.
Julian has given numerous workshops and master classes in software art, augmented reality, creative hacking, data forensics, computer networking, object-oriented programming for artists, virtual architecture, artistic game-development, information visualisation, UNIX/Linux and open source development practices worldwide. He is a long-time advocate of the use of free software in artistic production, distribution and education.