Lynn Pook
Aptium and Other Audio-tactile Art Works

The audio-tactile works create a sound sculpture in and over the body of the audience. I will present the particularity of the audio-tactile works and speak about the special relationship it creates with the audience and the conceptual background of this project dealing with the loose of direct physical contact and the poverty of touch in our western cultures.

Lynn Pook, born in 1975, is a Franco-German artist, who lives and works in Berlin and Barnave. She studied sculpture, fine arts and media art in Paris, Berlin and Karlsruhe (ZKM). The practice of Lynn is rooted in the observation of the body, the individual and his perceptions. This research originates intimate devices questioning the modes and the systems of exchange between the spectator and the object, between an individual and his environment. Since 2003, Lynn has been particularly interested in the sensitive capacities of sound, exploring its vibratory and tactile dimension on the skin. Since 2005 she works together with sound artist Julien Clauss in her audio-tactile research. Her „audio-tactile" sound installations have been acknowledged on numerous exhibitions, media-, experimental music- and dance festivals.