Martin Howse (UK)
Technology and the Plague

'Technology and the Plague' positions technology (science and engineering) as a conspiracy of contagion creating the world under the paranoid insignia of military ontology (a play with hiding and enclosure self-evident in all the terms of security); the creation of a black, over-engineered planet with engineering always as an operation of the military, with the origins of this word as referring to "a constructor of military engines."

Technology and the Plague attempts to outline the total assemblage of this ontology, embracing steganography and cryptography, plague and executable enclosure, and the watchword of paranoia; assembling clues within fiction, history and the project of science, which point to an
overarching techno-conspiracy.

Finally, the presentation posits a negative ecology which borrows terms from Artaud's work echoed in the title here, Theatre and the Plague, "to bring back to all of us a natural, occult equivalent of
the dogma we no longer believe".

For the last three years, Martin Howse has been involved, alongside several artists and theorists, in elaborating the new discipline of psychogeophysics through laboratory-style events (in Germany, London and Norway) and exploratory field trips (in London, Suffolk, Berlin and Peenemuende).