Matze Schmidt (DE)
SMA of the Energy Turn
What has Solar Technology to do with "restricted democracy"?

An SMA, considered as the System Management Architecture of a network, seems to match the notion of some New Deal within the framework of a sophisticated (European) capitalism that follows probably the spread aegis of three main topoi which are functioning as catalysers for a reinvented valorisation based on green technologies: The Fukuchima Choc, understood as the caesura for the Energy Turn (around) - using the example of Germany's governmental decisions in 2011 - The network as technologistic and dense social grid in terms of a reciprocal supply chain that is, under conditions of a re-fordism, supposedly able to connect 'itself' undifferentiated to any other point and spot read as dislocated production/consumption - The currently questioned concept of
a civil society, recently attached to a democracy restricted, due to political restrictions traced back to the ongoing economical crisis. The concept of this type of democracy, an unacknowledged and accepted feature at the same time but in different sites, considerably more than an ethical bordering of the "comme il faut", paradoxically appears to 'ride' an ubiquitous free spinning after the occasion in Japan. The attempt to draw a mapping of the entanglements of the constitution of these points offers hopefully needful cognitions to understand a maybe changed power structure of eco-logical & -nomical courses.

Matze Schmidt (* 1967) "lives & works in Berlin", dissertation on Phantasma in Technoculture (, was lecturer at the Art Academy Kassel, at the HfG Karlsruhe and at the UdK Berlin, editor of the n0name newsletter, maker of the band _38317_ and maintainer of Homepage: [in German]