Mirae Rosner, Jesse Scot / memelab (CA)
SonicDrift: a locative media framework

SonicDrift is an Android application created by the memelab that serves as a framework for realtime creation, playback, and editing of locative-sound maps. With the ability to read the users GPS location and access the internal hardware, you can 'write' location-based audio recordings to the phone, and 'read' these recordings, by yourself or others.

For Techno-Ecologies, the memelab will facilitate a participatory creation workshop that will work with members of the public and create an audio walk based on ideas generated in the workshop. Working with the aesthetic limitations of the app, they will conduct a facilitated group process towards developing thematic concerns and aesthetic strategies. Overall, the group would be working to identify the possibilities of placing sonic layers in shared space, ie. in 'reading and writing the sonic ecology'.

The memelab is a mobile set of experiments, bringing personal, political and aesthetic questions into collective conversation. Together, and with our allies, we strategize new hybrid works with video, sound, performance and the public.