Normunds Kozlovs (LV)
Steam-punk's ideological critique of technology

There is correspondence of Steam-punk ideology with J. Habermass notion of "modernism – the unfinished project" and intentional direction back to the steam-engine era of humanistic faith of unified history and technological advancement for global civilization progress. At the same time there is lack of method for such return that resembles J. Baudrillard's pessimistic critique of contemporary technological development loosing its human scale and breaking away from the reality into simulacrum. In the process of loosing the human scale there are left some rudimentary dysfunctional features such as the right to own guns in some of the USA states that was fully functional in the times when government had not owned the bombs and cannons yet and the population's guns were functional guarantee for democratic overturn possibility in a manner that demos itself (instead of the mass media).

Normunds Kozlovs: sociology and philosophy education in Latvia University background; currently lecturing on communication theories and social transformation issues in Riga Stradins University Communication department and Art Research Lab (MPLab) of Liepaja University.