Ricardo O'Nascimento (BR), Javier Busturia Cerezo (ES)
Plantas Parlantes, a collective work that draws new boundaries between human and nature

Is it possible to use technology to minimise the separation of the natural environment that we suffer today? From this question the artists Ricardo O'Nascimento, Gilberto Esparza, Javier Busturia and Jingni Wang created the interactive installation "Plantas Parlantes", which is a sonic sculpture formed by plants and electronic circuits where the contact between man and plant triggers sounds and poetically embodies this relationship. The artists will talk about the creative process and challenges behind this piece.

Ricardo O'Nascimento (BR)
Artist and researcher of the field of new media and interactive art. He investigates body-environment relations with a focus on interface development for wearable devices, interactive installations and hybrid environments.

Javier Busturia Cerezo (ES)
Javier Busturia works around the issues of environmental and rural ecological art, in a collaborative way with an eye for the contextual. His work is about creating art in relation to local contexts and collectivity, about building site-specific interventions aiming to construct identity and community, on territory and land, using agriculture as an artistic tool.