Rob van Kranenburg

In Situated Technologies Pamphlets 8, The Internet of People for a Post Oil World, Christian Nold and Rob van Kranenburg articulate the foundations of a future manifesto for an Internet of Things in the public interest. Authors propose tangible design interventions that challenge an Internet dominated by commercial tools and systems, emphasizing that people from all walks of life have to be at the table when we talk about alternate possibilities for ubiquitous computing. Through horizontally scaling grass roots efforts along with establishing social standards for governments and companies to allow cooperation, authors argue for transforming the Internet of Things into an Internet of People.
In this talk Rob van Kranenburg will describe an urgency that decides if you take a reactive or a proactive approach to the current technological developments. He will describe the emergence of the Council thinktank as partly originating from earlier RIXC festivals where he coined the term Mixed Reality Corporation. He argues that there is agency in the 'in between' that allows us as artistic and collaborative intelligence to become to new default.

Rob van Kranenburg is a teacher and a writer. He wrote "The Internet of Things. A critique of ambient technology and the all-seeing network of RFID", Network Notebooks 02, Institute of Network Cultures. He is co-founder of bricolabs and the Founder of Council. Together with
Christian Nold he recently published Situated Technologies Pamphlets 8: The Internet of People for a Post-Oil World. He ranks nr 6 on the top 100 IOT thinkers list of Postscapes. He is a member of the IOT EG of the European Commission.