Ronald van Tienhoven (NL)
Next Nature – The Nature Caused by People

Today the human impact on our planet can hardly be underestimated. Climate change, population explosion, genetic manipulation, digital networks, plastics islands floating in the oceans. Untouched old nature is almost nowhere to be found. We are living in a time of rainbow tulips, palm-shaped islands, hurricane control and engineered microbes. An age in which the ‘made’ and the ‘born’ are fusing. This does not mean however, that we have become gods and have control over our own destiny. Rather, our relation with nature is changing. Where technology and nature are traditionally seen as opposed to each other, they now appear to merge or even trade places. While old nature, in the sense of trees, plants, animals, atoms, or climate, is increasingly controlled and governed by man – it is turned into a cultural category – our technological environment becomes so complex and uncontrollable, that we start to relate to it as a nature of its own.

Ronald van Tienhoven is an artist, designer, and intermediary, specializing in fine cultural forensics.
From 1993 onward he has worked primarily in the public domain with projects both in the Netherlands and abroad, ranging from landscape art to Euro coin design. He has worked as art and design intermediary for several institutions in the Netherlands. He was consultant and curator for the Mondriaan Foundation's Bureau for Public Art Commissions. As tutor and lecturer he shares his experience and knowledge in the context of fine art, architecture, design and technology. Presently he is board member of the Next Nature Foundation, and works as lecturer/coach in the Next Nature Lab at Eindhoven University of Technology's Industrial Design department.