Project description

SPECTROGRAPHY is collaboration between the RIXC Center for New Media Culture in Latvia and Ellipse artists organisation in France, which includes organising of the sound art residency programme RIX-STUDIO and international symposium on SPECTRUM CARTOGRAPHY.

The RIX-STUDIO will be located at the interesting art venue - the gallery space of Point Éphémère, on the Canal Saint Martin in center Paris. During the time period from October 25 - November 20, 2005, the RIX-STUDIO will host 2 groups of residency artists from Latvia and France. The specific task of residency include experimentation with mapping, radio waves, spectrum, mobile and location based media and to prepare audio content for live streaming performances.

From November 4 - 6, the culmination event of the residency project - the international symposium with participation of Latvian and French artists, as well as international remote speakers (via internet) is set to take place in RIX-STUDIO at Point Éphémère and online. The symposium will be focusing on setting up the context and creating the conceptual / theoretical background for "spectrum cartography" related thematics.

"Radio spectrum is an internationally shared resource, which is becoming increasingly crowded and contested. Spectrum is the essential resource of all wireless communications technologies from wifi to satellites, but the space available for human communications and observation of non-human generated waves is continually challenged. Availability of spectrum is managed by international and national bodies in an attempt to contain interference between systems, and to control access to the means of communication. [..]

In his discussion of the electromagnetic properties of electronic objects, Anthony Dunne describes the electromagnetic/ radio dimension as extending the boundaries of visible space: "Although when we look at an electronic product we only see what is radiated at the frequency of visible light, all electronic objects are a form of radio. If our eyes could see (tune into) energy of a lower frequency these objects would not only appear different but their boundaries would extend much further into space, interpenetrating other objects considered discrete at the frequency of light."

[by Zita Joyce. Spectrum Space and the Extension of Nations. Acoustic Space 5: TCM. RIXC, Riga, 2004.]

The project also includes various follow-up events - Spectrography residency project presentations in Paris and other cities of France, as well as in Riga, Latvia.

Project support

Festival "Étonnante Lettonie", VKKF Latvian Culture Capital Foundation, AFAA, Foundation de France, DEAC "Development center for digital economy", Point Ephémere, Ikusi, Bandits-Mages, Labomedia, World-Information.org

Project organisers

RIXC Center for New Media Culture (Latvia), ELLIPSE artists organisation in France.