Festival information
The 6th International ART+COMMUNICATION festival will comprise a series of events from May 15-18, 2003 conceptually located at the intersection of information networks and post-modern architectonics; while physically located in Latvia in Riga, as well as in Karosta, Liepaja and at the VIRAC Radiotelecope in Irbene.

 > Conference: media architecture
The Media Architecture international conference will take place in Riga, from May 16-17. Discussions will include: how lessons from the social dynamic of 'virtual 'networks, can be applied to the creation of open, public physical spaces; designs for process-based architecture, and hybrid spaces; and how mapping/positioning and wireless networking impact on notions of space time and social organization.

 > Design concept and performances: light affair
Taking place in a central, but derelict section of Old Riga the theme of 'transformation of place' through networking (both physical and virtual) will be manifest in the conferences various facilities through installations, include evening programmes of media synesthesia (visible sound/audible light), as well as by the official initiation of an ambitious engineering project for the creation of Media Space - a new headquarters for RIXC.

 > Closing programme: acoustic space lab
Finally, for the closing section of the festival, participants will be brought to the Irbene Ratio Telescope, a former Soviet military satellite dish (d=32m) where participants from the 2001 Acoustic Space Lab symposium will present their interpretations of data they gathered from scanning the planets, communication satellites and surrounding environment with this powerful telescope.