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Every city inhabitant has an invisible map in his/her mind. This map determines each person’s transmigration trajectories in the city as well as influences their everyday choices of particular paths they take. Real Time project by analyzing habits, how citizens move around their cities, attempts to visualize these mental maps. Psycho-geographical city maps are drown using PDA (Personal Digital Assistant), mobile GPRS connections, Internet and GPS (Global Positioning System) technologies.

Real Time Riga is collaboration project between Waag Society (NL) and RIXC (LV). It continues project Real Time Amsterdam, which was launched by Esther Polak (NL) and Waag Society in 2002, and was first shown in exhibition Amsterdam maps 1866 - 2000.

Riga version of Real Time is part of Art+Communications - 6th International Festival for new media culture and in a way it represents the idea of media architecture main concept behind this year’s festival.

Real Time Riga can also be considered the satellite project of our festival. It has been launched already now - before the festival, to show RIXC location in the map of Riga and movements around it. RIXC Media Space (11 Novembra krastmala 35) is also the main festival location. Media Space is object of process-based architecture, and its development is directly determined by events and activities, that happen in this place.

Visualised map of Real Time Riga project, which shows mobile behavior of festival participants un Riga residents will be demonstrated on the screen in the window of Casablanka (in Doms square, starting from May 9, 2003) as well as in the LMS gallery (11 Novembra krastmala 35, starting from May 15, 2003).
During the festival May 15 - 18, 2003 festival participants and visitors will have a chance to make their own maps and street drawings in the plot of central Riga.

  If you would like to make your own Riga map, please contact us