June 1- 2, Liepaja Karosta.

“Origins of professional intelligence and information management reach back to ancient times and stem from the desire to control the mind and the imagination. Today security intelligence has become a central economic, societal and political issue that reaches deep into the sphere of art and contemporary culture.” (Konrad Becker)

The international scientific conference “Espionage Technologies and Art” will take place on June 1 and 2, 2007 in the historical and military setting of Liepaja Karosta (warport), brining togather artists, scientists and researchers from Latvia, France, The Netherlands, Austria, USA and other countries. The conference is taking place within the framework of the 9th international festival for new media culture “Art+Communication”. This year festival is focused on "spectral ecology" issues in order to draw attention to the invisible properties of electronic technologies – the density of electro-magnetic spectrum (EMS) in the environment and its effects on human and living nature today and for years to come.

On the one hand, conference discusses issues in relation to “spectral ecology” from different aspects, introducing with spectral investigation on a theoretical and artistic interpretation level, as well as with scientific research on electromagnetic pollution effects.

On the other, the conference reaches into the specific military-historical context of Karosta, leaning towards the espionage phenomenon, whose origins can be traced back to its military history in ancient culture. The conference will introduce the military past of communication technologies, their contemporary conversion and culturalisation process.

In particular, the conference aims to consider collaborations between artists and scientists, their creative experiments in electromagnetic spectrum and beyond – in ionosphere and vacuum. It also intends to look at the ubiquity of electromagnetic fields, that have become the ghosts of today – invisible and surrounding us they are there to open up our imagination boundaries and to create contemporary myths of technology...

Main themes for conference include:
- Intelligence and Defense : Culture and Ideology of Spying and Security
- Military Technology Conversion : from Warfare to Art and Militarization of Entertainment Industry
- Electromagnetic Cosmology, Spectral Ecology and EMF Research
- Technology Myth, Artistic Interpretations and Contemporary Ghost Stories

Location: K@2, Katedrāles iela 2, Karosta, Liepaja