DAY 1, May 20, 2005

Rasa Smite. Welcome (realmedia)
Rob van Kranenburg. Overall intro (realmedia)

> Panel: MR1 + constructed realities (un/computable spaces)
Brigitta Zics - "Mirror_SPACE" (realmedia)
Maja Kuzmanovic, Evelina Kusaite, Nicholas Gaffney - "Perilous universes and transient realities" (realmedia)

> Panel: MR2 + social interaction (public space in physical and virtual environments)
Yon Visell and Karmen Franinovic - "Activating Space: From Representation to Being" (realmedia)
Margot Jacobs - "Public Play Spaces" (realmedia)
Mirjam Struppek - "New Urban Screens: Discovering the potential of outdoor screens for urban society" (realmedia)
Robert Brečević - "Reflections of Me and You" (realmedia)
Normunds Kozlovs - "Transformation of public space; artist's role" (realmedia)

> Panel: MR3 + responsive media space (immersive environments and reality games)
Sha Xin Wey - "Experimental Phenomenology and the Poetics of Performative Space" (realmedia)
Steven Pickles - "FIJUU" (realmedia)
Peter Tomaz Dobrila - "... on local feedback (TRG at Kibla)" (realmedia)
Perttu Hämäläinen - "Designing digital sports - a case of mixed reality martial arts" (realmedia)

> Public lecture: "The image of Realities"
Geska Helena Andersson - "Alternate Realities, Simulacra and Simulation: The shift from Cinespace to Cyberspace in Technoludic Cinema" (realmedia)

DAY 2, May 21, 2005

> Panel: MR4 + pervasive media (role of users in future applications)
Robert van Kranenburg - "Sleeping giants: The environment as dramatis personae" (realmedia)
Geska Helena Andersson - "Play, Performance, belief and distrust of emerging "pervasive" play" (realmedia)
Alejo Duque - "Jeztz Schemata. Open source mapping code" (realmedia)
Laura Beloff - "/ART/PUBLIC/MOBILE/REALITY/SOCIAL/" (realmedia)

> Panel: MR5 + sonic environments (interfaces for synchronisation and spatial organisation)
Voldemars Johansons - "Pingsonik Environment" (realmedia)
Rasa Smite - "Transforming perception -- from Acoustic.Space to Locative.Network -- from exploring non-linear acoustic cyberspace to navigation in location based media territories" (realmedia)
Jonas Runberger, Mikael Scherdin - "Streaming Architecture Projective Space" (realmedia)

> Panel: MR6 + language of Mixed Reality (mapping and navigation in-between real and virtual)
Alkan Chipperfield - "Towards an anthropology of Mixed Reality" (realmedia)
Ilva Skulte - "SpReading: the changing concepts of space and language use" (realmedia)
Tim Boykett - "SPIN, online projects, representation and navigation" (realmedia)

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